Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Once again, it's been a few months.

I've replaced my clutch slave cylinder since the last batch of "routine" maintainence and I just completed another oil change, this time to Brad Penn Racing 1 20W-50 motor oil. After 2400 miles non-stop highway miles, the UOA looks great! For comparison, here's what the UOA for the Valvoline Racing 20W-50 that came out with 1400 miles on it (granted Valvoline says 800 mi drain for this oil in a 911).

The car averaged about 25 mpg for the trip to and from Daytona Beach for the Rennsport Reunion and didn't use ANY oil over the 2400 mi, which is quite impressive. The car performed flawlessly the whole trip; I'm quite pleased.

On tap for me over the Thanksgiving holiday is Lizzy's b-day and also some time to wax the 911 and put on the winter tires, and hopefully, take the car out for some exercise!