Saturday, June 09, 2007

I haven't had a lot of time for updates lately, but here's what's happened in the last six months. I put the car in a ditch after hitting some black ice, only going about 10-15 miles per hour, but I guess it was enough to tweak the whole front end. The body was absolutely untouched with no damage, but the whole front end had to be redone. Also, the jolt made some small oil leaks really big, leading me to take the car to the local Porsche dealership to be sorted out. Many thousands of dollars later, I have a bone dry resealed engine and a totally new front end on the car. Additionally, I had the front pads and rotors replaced since there was some warping and uneven wear on the pads. The car drives better now than it ever has, and I have purchased since a set of cup wheels and snow tires for next season, so that I don't have a repeat of this painfully expensive ordeal.

Additionally, as I've been using the a/c recently, a funky odor developed of mildew, which at the suggestion of owners on the Pelican Parts forums, I sprayed a bleach solution into the fresh air intake, thoroughly cleaning the ventilation system. Additionally, I located the recirculated intake under the dashboard in the interior and I purchased from Napa a professional product to eliminate the odor causing contamination, and applied it to the system when operating on recirculated. Only advice is that you don't drive the car for at least a week after doing this, since the smell of the professional product is choking to say the least and very strong compared to the bleach solution.