Saturday, November 18, 2006

Having just replaced the ECU with a Steve Wong chip, I figured it couldn't hurt to put in a new o2 sensor, since motronic is designed to run in closed loop with exception of WOT. I didn't figure on the sensor literally being welded in.

Lots of heat and a breaker bar, and I got it out, threads and all. A quick trip to napa got me the correct 18M x 1.5 tap, which I ran through the threads with some tap-magic.

Just as good as new.

This is what a new sensor should look like. Make sure to use anti-sieze on the threads. I've been told that milk of magnesia works wonders too!

Done and harness reconnected. Test drive yielded no check engine light, so I must have done it right :-)
Strut bar. My previous Porshce 912 had one and I very much so could tell the difference. The first time around I had one from Wevo/Smart Racing that was $$$. This time, I just went on eBay and got a billet one from a vendor (Cup-Sport) who makes them in Germany. Looks very good and installed very easily, 5 minutes tops, even with slitting the carpets to get them to fit again. Looks good, doesn't it? And for hundreds less...

New tires. Pirelli P-Zero Neros. I love them. Rave reviews from fellow Pelicanites for both rain and snow, on top of excellent dry traction. Like I said before, much quieter and feels more planted on bumpy roads over the previous tires.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Last weekend my wife, daughter, and I took a trip to Chicago in the 911 to visit our friend's new bachelor pad. Luckily, the Rizza Porsche finished the multitude of maintanence I had them do on time the previous Thursday, which gave me time to install my first upgrade - a Steve Wong chip from

Installation was very straightforward - the hardest part was getting the clamshell (two circuit boards connected with a ribbon cable) apart, to get access to the chip. My word of warning - be careful where you grab, I almost broke off a capacitor! Also, in my haste, I forgot to re-install the plastic retaining clip, so I had to take it apart again.

So far, I have noticed a smoother idle and most definately, faster acceleration. quotes a 1/2 second reduction in zero to 60 times on a stock engine!

I will be also replacing the o2 sensor with a new one from Pelican Parts, as the computer operates in closed loop at 14.7:1 air/fuel ratio, and I want to make sure it's as accurate as possible. I'll know right away if I see an increase in fuel economy from the 19mpg I have observed over the last few tanks of gas.

The front differential was leaking, so I had them put in new axle and pinion seals. Since the car is 15 years old, it's about time to replace all the belts, so the fan, alternator, a/c, and distributor drive belts were all replaced. I also had them change the oil over from the Castrol GTX 20w50 to Mobil 1 0w40. Lastly, I had four new Pirelli P-Zero Neros installed as the car had what I believe were the original tires and they were on their way out. Money well spent in my book.

Friday, November 10, 2006

With some recent shuffling of my Porsche collection, I have picked up a wonderful low mileage 1991 Porsche 911 C4 Cabriolet, with great plans for the future for this car.

Some background - the car was purchased from Midwest Performance Cars in Chicago - I had enough of eBay and long distance purchases. The car was everything I hoped for and more. I would recommend purchasing a car from Tom Simmons any day.

The car did have a check engine light come on when I picked it up and they did pay to have my local dealer diagnose it and reconnect the loose sensor, which was outstanding.

Here I am at the 914 Club Fall Foliage Classic this October, shortly after picking the car up. We're getting ready for the fun run around Columbus, IN. The Classic is an event organized by various members and is held every year. We have a group dinner and awards banquet, fun run and poker run, and prizes.